A day in Long Beach, CA 

Last year I was in Huntington Beach, California for just over a week in a half when we decided to take the Pacific Highway down to Long Beach.

This highway ran along the coast of Huntington Beach and many other scenic things along the way; so the drive was not boring at all.

Once we arrived in Long Beach we checked into our hotel and started to walk around and see what this city was all about.

At first you forget you are even in a so-called “beach town” because there are many tall official looking buildings downtown (the area we stayed at), but then you walk a little further away from downtown and indeed you know that you are in a beach town because everywhere you walk there is a body of water view.

Long Beach didn’t have the hustle and bustle of Huntington Beach, but I enjoyed the mall in the downtown district and also enjoyed walking along the Marina that we came across. We only spent a day there, so I’m sure there is more to see in the future.

P.S. the picture above is the picture of the Marina  near downtown.


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