Las Vegas

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that you need to be a gambler to come to Las Vegas, Nevada right? Well you’re wrong.

I’m not a gambler myself, but I found my last trip to Las Vegas to be very enjoyable.

People watching in the casinos is on point. There are many, many different people from so many different backgrounds on the slot machines or at the black jack tables. Not to mention some people wear some outrageous clothing too! So that would be something fun to do if you are not into gambling.

The other thing you could do would be to walk the length of the strip. There are tons of shops and souvenirs. And there are tons of buffets to choose from too. Chances are if you walk into any hotel on the strip you will find that they most likely will have a buffet. Also, all along the strip are many attractions to take pictures of, like the famous dancing fountains by the Bellagio and a second New York city by the MGM Grand.

Shopping was more of my deal when I was in Las Vegas. I particularly liked the Forum Shops that are right next to Caesars Palace. You walk in and it’s like you are in ancient Greece again with all the detail and architecture. Then you keep going down to the and there are miles and miles of shops that are running underground!

Another place I liked was the Fashion Show Mall. It’s a little bit farther down the strip, but is definitely worth the walk. This mall has a lot of affordable shop selections so if you are more on a budget this would be the place to go.

And there you have it, a small taste of what Las Vegas is like for the non-gambler!


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