NYC, City that never sleeps 

I remember about two years ago when I was in New York City for the first time. It felt like there was a million people just on sidewalk. It was overwhelming, but the energy of all the people around me was just amazing!

Our hotel was near Time Square and Central Park. It seemed liked Time Square would never end with its big, flashy, electronic billboards and  three story shops.

I can also confirm that Central Park is as big as the pictures say. The openness of nature was obvious, not to mention the scenic walking paths that weave throughout and around the park.

After Time Square and Central Park, the next destination was Fifth Avenue! Oh man was it shops galore! I couldn’t afford pretty much seventy-five percent of them, but who cares, they were still cool to look at. Tons of tourists and tons of locals everywhere! In NYC it’s pretty easy to tell who are tourists and who aren’t…. just find he people who don’t look so mesmerized by everything.

The last destination that I would like to mention is Coney Beach, in Brooklyn. It had a charming boardwalk and a cute Beach to go along with it. If you can imagine the perfect, traditional beach in your mind that was what Coney Beach looked like and some more. It was very perfect.

I’d say my first time in NYC was a success and gave me a taste of what the allure is all about!


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